8 Data Science Projects You Can Do at Your Current Job

These data science projects can be done in any language, in any career

Zulie Rane


Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Imagine if you had all the time in the world and you were also somehow magically funded. That would make it incredibly easy to get a data science job by practicing data science skills with side projects, at your leisure.

But most of us don’t live in this dream world.

When I was looking for a data science job, I read so many articles that told me to simply “do side projects” in my free time to get those tasty data science skills. The reality was that I had a full-time job, a busy social life, a side hustle, and furry dependents (my cats). I can’t imagine how hard it is for folks who have actual human kids, or busier/more stressful jobs than mine. And to be totally honest, I was a little grudging about giving up my free time to do these data science projects.

My solution was simple: as a customer success rep, I found data science projects I could do as part of my current work. Most employers give you a bit of breathing room to pursue work tasks that help your job, but I did ask beforehand to make sure it was OK.

I scoped out a data science project — collecting data from marketing touchpoints to try to predict which resources were most successful in converting qualified leads. My boss was happy, the marketing team was happy, and I got to play around with some data that taught me data science skills.

No matter what your job is, you may be able to find a way to wedge in a data science task with your current work. This lets you save your free time, keep your job, and start building those skills that will help you get a data science job.

Data Science Projects To Consider at Your Current Job

Here are the eight data science projects you can do at your current job. These have been separated out into data science projects that make sense to do as part of a specific job but depending on the flexibility of your boss and your personal interest, you could do any of these.

1. Sales: Sales Forecasting