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Zulie Rane

Welcome to Zulie Rane’s Medium page! Updated April 13th.

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Hello there! I’m Zulie Rane, freelance content creator, ghostwriter, YouTuber and cat mom. This bio is to give you a better sense of who I am and what I can do for you.

You can find more of my content on:

You’re only 11 steps from happiness and financial freedom.

Image taken by author, featuring Zulie and Astrid.

I recently wrote an article about how I earn $8k per month in under 15h a week. It resonated with a lot of people, and I got a ton of questions about how I did it.

So many people think my journey is a freakish accident, that only luck and some kind of algorithmic deity allowed me to create this lifestyle. But it’s not true. Anyone can do what I’ve done — even you, reading this right now.

I’m a freelance content creator living my absolute dream. I work very little. I love my life. …

There are two main options to get a programming certificate online — online courses and universities.

cat looking at the camera. half of a computer screen is showing.
cat looking at the camera. half of a computer screen is showing.
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In the simplest possible terms, a programming certificate is something that lets you walk up to an employer and say, “Hello, yes, I know how to SQL. Here’s a piece of paper that proves it. You should hire me.”

When described that way, you can instantly see how getting a programming certificate compares with getting a…

Creating my dream freelancing workweek meant no grind.

Image of the author taken by author’s husband. Source: IG

In September of 2020, I was working around 80 hours a week. In March 2021, I worked 42 hours — in the entire month.

In September, I spent forty hours per week, of course, on my day job. The other forty was my writing business: videos, articles, editing, coaching. In March, I have condensed my freelance work into less than 15 hours per week, while earning $8,500.

Here’s how I created my 15-hour workweek while still making enough for a very comfortable lifestyle.

1. I stopped working at my corporate job.

God, I was so afraid during that first week of being fully freelance. I was afraid I’d…

I’m talking to you, but I’m also talking to myself.

Screenshot taken from author’s latest YouTube video

Over the past six months alone, we’ve weathered (in chronological order):

Quite a few people ignore the critical details

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Should you get a data analyst job? The real question is: Do you know what a data analyst job actually is? You might feel like it’s a buzzword job description that’s only cropped up in the last five years and is easily confused with data scientist or business analyst.

This article will walk you through all the information around data analyst jobs. Once you’ve got the idea of what a data analyst is and who’s a good candidate for that kind of job, then you’ll be much better prepared to know whether you should or shouldn’t go for it.

Table of Contents

From a has-been influencer to any wannabe influencers.

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

In 2018, I wanted to make my cats Instagram famous — and I kind of succeeded.

Avoid my three enormous mistakes

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels — modified by author

I took a thrilling step in my content creator journey last week. After 10 hours lovingly crafting, editing, and polishing, I was finally ready to market and hopefully sell my very first digital course.

Heart beating fast, fingers trembling, I pressed send on my very first digital course promo email. Then I refreshed my inbox several times, waiting for that first email to come in to say someone had bought my course.

Nothing happened.

I decided to leave my inbox and go for a run, confident that tons of subscribers would have been convinced by my email copy and bought…

It’s all a question of time and money

Image via Pexels

When you’re in a position of wondering, “ Is a coding bootcamp worth it?” you should look at several factors. Coding bootcamp costs, on average, around $13,000. This holds true no matter if you choose to attend coding bootcamp in person or online, though there’s a lot of variance in how much coding bootcamp costs, ranging from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on the language, the length, and who’s running it.

You should also look at alternatives. Maybe you’re asking “ Is a coding bootcamp worth it?” because you’re at the start of your potential career in computer science. You’re looking…

A crash course in how not to use Twitter.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Over the weekend, Prince William was allegedly named the world’s sexiest bald man by The Independent, a pretty well-respected newspaper.

Many people looked at the tweet, laughed, and then moved on with our lives, assuming it was some weird PR stunt after the Harry and Meghan interview.

But if you actually take the time to click into The Independent article, you’ll quickly realize a few things don’t add up. Who funded this so-called study? Surely not Google. Who would honestly say Prince William is the sexiest bald man? I can’t think of many people.

It turns out it is simply…

Zulie Rane

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