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Close-Up Shot of a Pretty Woman in gauzy White Top on the beach. She is frowning at the camera. She is wearing purple and yellow ribbons in her short hair.
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Everyone is looking for easy income. A button to press that allows regular cash to drop into your hands with just a bit of up-front work. I understand the appeal.

The problem is that if you believe such a passive income stream exists, then you’re easy prey for side-hustle scams

Delighted Black woman standing at table in workshop for making candles
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I’ve been working from home since September 2019. That’s right, I was doing it before the pandemic made it cool. (Or necessary.) This means I’ve had over two years to perfect my home office environment, making it a place I actually enjoy working at.

Whether you’re just getting started creating…

two pictures of Zulie, left with makeup and right without makeup.
Two pictures of the author for a YouTube thumbnail, one year apart.

There’s something unusual about famous, successful women on the internet: they’re all very beautiful. Look at all the YouTubers, music stars, TikTokers. On Twitter, a text medium, you’re better off if you’re visibly hot. Even if you’re the head of an MLM scheme, you’re more believable if you’re attractive.


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If you feel like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and TikTok are all just places where people share screenshots of funny things other people have said on other platforms, you’re not alone. Instagram is so famous for this that the official Twitter Instagram account posted a joke about it.

The problem arises…

Screenshot of tweet from Tucker Carlson, reading “Chris Cuomo may be an idiot, but he understands that his obligation is to the people he’s related to. When they need your help, you help them.” He also links to a clip from his show, which I’ve screenshotted. It shows Carlson speaking to the camera with an image of Chris Cuomo in the corner with the word “suspended” in big red text beneath him.
Screenshot of tweet by Tucker Carlson, rightwing opinion host, praising Chris Cuomo’s actions

As everyone by now knows, disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo thankfully resigned from office after being caught out sexually harassing multiple women. Yes, Democratic men can be shitty too.

Recently, however, we also learned that Chris Cuomo, brother to Andrew Cuomo, “participated in strategy discussions and shared a…

Zulie Rane

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