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Psychologists say these are the signs to watch out for.

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

The funny thing about selfish people is that you can go your whole life being friends, coworkers, or lovers with them and you’d never know it, especially if you’re the kind of person who gives with no limit.

Selfish people know how to cover their tracks. It’s in their best interest to keep you around and happy. They’re experts at knowing how much they can get from you without going too far.

However, using science and psychology, it is possible to spot these traits before you wind up wrapped up around this person’s little finger. …

Part hypnotism, part health scam, part inheritance theft

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Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

CW: This story discusses eating disorders and death.

Dr. Linda Hazzard was licensed by Washington State as a fasting specialist in 1902. She claimed to believe that food was the root of all illness — and that the cure, naturally, was fasting. During her time as a fasting specialist, 12 people died under her care.

For a significant portion of my life, I struggled with an eating disorder. I’m recovered today, but it still manifests in odd forms. I am occasionally leery of eating grapes (2–3 calories each!

They’re the closest thing to a dog in the cat world

A sleepy brown Maine Coon with a white nose and paws lounging in a cat bed in front of a sliding glass door.
A sleepy brown Maine Coon with a white nose and paws lounging in a cat bed in front of a sliding glass door.
Photo: Zulie Rane via Instagram

Three years ago, I had the difficult task of persuading my now-husband to get a cat. He was adamantly a dog person — he liked cats, but he was convinced they were inferior to dogs as house pets.

Now, he loves both our cats with his whole heart, but when I was trying to convince him, I found the best method was to find a cat that met his needs.

He said cats weren’t loyal? I found a breed that was. He said he wanted to walk a dog? I found a cat breed that loves walks. He said dogs…

Going viral on Twitter feels good, but it doesn’t pay

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Image: NurPhoto/Getty Images

I’ve always wondered what a viral tweet is worth, because it’s an interesting way to think about what social media is worth — and what we hope for when we post. On the one hand, social media creates a tremendous amount of value. Twitter pulled in $3.46 billion last year, mostly by selling ads. It boasts 330 million active monthly users and an astonishing 145 million daily users (myself included). It’s a tempting target for advertisers.

But on the other hand, all that money goes to Twitter, not its users, despite the fact that it’s the creators who tweet those…

Pros, cons, and summaries for each that can help writers make the right choice

Image  from author’s Vocal Media vs. News Break vs. Medium video.
Image  from author’s Vocal Media vs. News Break vs. Medium video.
Image created by Jada Dreyfus

There are three well-established programs where you can write on the internet and earn money. Those three programs are Medium, News Break, and Vocal Media.

I’ve experienced all three and have a firm favorite myself, but it’s important to remember that what works for me won’t work for someone else, and vice versa. Each of these platforms has preferred content and rules to abide by.

This article will get into each platform, what kind of content performs best, and the pros and cons.

If you prefer watching, you can check out my video on the subject here:

· Writing…

Know why Golang is useful, especially for beginners

person in a park lacing up a running shoe before a run
person in a park lacing up a running shoe before a run
Image sourec: JÉshoots via pexels

There are many good reasons why learning Golang is a popular idea altogether — Stack Overflow’s 2020 developer survey saw it climb in popularity among developers from tenth in 2019 all the way to fifth in 2020. According to Insights Dice, a full 32% of developers want to learn it. It pays well, too: Globally, the Stack Overflow survey found that Perl, Scala, and Go programmers have the highest salaries.

It’s practical, too, as it was developed specifically by Google to “eliminate the slowness and clumsiness of software development at Google, and thereby to make the process more productive and…

Adventures in Freelancing

4 months into my freelancing journey.

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Image created by Jada Dreyfus

I began my freelance journey with ambition: I decided to aim for $10k/month by the end of 2021.

While I’m not there yet, this month was another step towards my goal, and a sign that I’m on the right track. Jumping into freelancing has been one of the most terrifying and rewarding journeys of my life. Here’s how that’s played out financially for me, broken down by client type and income stream. I use Clockify to tally the number of hours I spent on these pursuits.

Debunking common misunderstandings with actual scientific explanations for feline behavior

A gray striped cat with green eyes looks up from a round cardboard cat nest
A gray striped cat with green eyes looks up from a round cardboard cat nest
Photo: Ethan Brooke via Pexels

Cats are mystical animals. Pop culture would have you believe they’re capricious, confusing, clever, and conniving. Cat people (or the people who belong to cats, in more accurate terms) have struggled for millennia to understand cats and their mysterious appeal to humans.

The problem with mysticism, of course, is that it gives rise to conspiracy theories that somehow end up being treated as fact — or even policy, in certain cases. …

Chasing the hustle means you lose sight of the goal

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Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

When I told Henry, a writing friend of mine, that I was writing a book, his first assumption was that it was a non-fiction book to supplement my blogging income. I revealed that I’m actually penning a rom-com, and he hastened to assure me that the real money is in non-fiction. He tried to guide me into just “throwing together a collection of my essays” that could become a profitable ebook.

And he was honestly shocked when I said no — I’m sticking to fiction.

I believe it’s worth creating even if you know it’s unprofitable, and sometimes that can…

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