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Number 6. You’re pretending to be more talented than you are

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If you’re reading this article, you’re well aware of the great benefits that come with a programming job — high salaries for programmers, an expanding job market, exciting opportunities.

You’re also aware that employers are increasingly desperate for seasoned, qualified, talented programmers. DAXX blog writes that in 2020, while there are 1.4 million unfulfilled jobs, there will be only 400,000 computer science graduates. Of course, more hobby coders or bootcamp programmers might fill in some of those ranks, but overall, the demand for the jobs far outweighs the supply of programmers.

That’s what makes it all the more frustrating when you count yourself as one of those skilled programmers, but you still can’t get a programming job. …

Psychologists say these are the signs to watch out for.

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One of my best friends in college was suicidal. I tried to help her, but I couldn’t because I was awful at listening. I tried again and again to help in the only ways I knew how, but I only made her worse.

My friend survived that period of her life because she got help from someone qualified — and crucially, who was better at listening than I was. What I learned was that most people are bad at listening, and good listeners have usually trained specifically in order to be good listeners. …

Welcome to Zulie Rane’s Medium page! Updated Jan 19th.

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Hello there! I’m Zulie Rane, freelance content creator, ghostwriter, YouTuber and cat mom. This article is to give you a better sense of who I am and what I can do for you.

You can find more of my content on:

  • My substack (updates on my book, sent out every Tuesday and Thursday)
  • YouTube (videos about how to succeed on Medium and in…

Hey there folks,

I’ve made over $40,000 writing on Medium. But you know what? The real money isn’t made by writing on Medium — it’s using Medium as a platform to reach your customers, whoever they are.

On Medium, you have a potential audience of millions. People who are used to reading, who want to get good content, and who are helpfully already segmented by interests and concerns. Longform content is incredibly persuasive, if presented correctly to your reader. Medium is one of the places online that lets you do that.

This was an article I wrote after helping one of my own clients use Medium as a springboard to get more clients for her coaching business. It highlights the 6 steps you should take to get more clients if you have a business of any kind. …

Medium is a fantastic lead generator to get more clients if you use it right.

get more clients for your coaching business by writing on medium
get more clients for your coaching business by writing on medium
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It’s incredible, when you think about it: Medium, though you might not realize it, is chock-full of readers who want to hire you. Medium also makes it very clear how to access those readers. All you have to do is provide the value.

In a recent consulting call I did, I had the opportunity to experience once again the eye-widening awe my client felt when she’d grasped exactly how powerful Medium, a humble blogging platform, was to get more clients for her coaching business.

What makes Medium such a great place to get more clients for your coaching business?

Most coaches I know go into coaching not to make a quick buck but because they genuinely believe in the value they can provide for their clients. This mindset is exactly what makes Medium such a good way to get more clients for your coaching business, because on Medium, it’s exactly the same: value wins first and foremost. …

Here’s the scientific strategy I used instead.

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Everyone’s heard of the golden habit-forming rule: it takes just twenty-one days to force yourself to build a good habit, drop a bad one, or accidentally pick one up.

It’s easy to understand why this magical rule sticks in people’s heads: we can easily believe three weeks is long enough to make the “sacrifice” for a good habit, but short enough for people to see it as doable. Achievable. But for a person who’s interested in improving themselves, believing this rule will only lead you down a path of disappointment.

If you start to think of concrete examples, this immediately falls apart. For instance, I’ve been waking up around 7 am for the majority of my adult life. For longer stretches than 21 days, too. Nevertheless, I’ve always struggled to do it, and until recently, given any day where I don’t have to get up early, I’ll sleep in later. …

Write Now

Writer and cat mom by day, writer and cat mom also by night

Zulie smiles at the camera against a faded background of forest and road.
Zulie smiles at the camera against a faded background of forest and road.
Image provided courtesy of Zulie Rane

This week’s edition of Write Now features Zulie Rane, content creator and YouTuber. Zulie was the most-requested interviewee by our community in last year’s content survey! Enjoy Zulie’s interview.

Who are you?

I’m Zulie Rane, newly 100% freelance content creator and YouTuber. I write on Medium and other platforms for myself and my clients.

What do you write?

Anything that catches my attention. Frequent sources of inspiration are my cats, TikTok trends, and medical journals.

Where do you write?

In front of my desk, typically with a cat at my left hand and a coffee on my right. …

Getting Started

And more importantly, how to choose the most popular coding language you should learn.

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How can you decide what the most popular coding language is? It’s like trying to pick the most popular ice cream flavor — everyone has a favorite. The truth is that different coders prefer different coding languages for different reasons, and just when you think you can say a single coding language reigns supreme, a new one crops up, or an older one becomes relevant for a new application.

The most popular coding language of 2021 will be based on what the coder in question wants to accomplish and what they’ve already learned or done. For experienced coders hoping to increase their salary, the most popular coding language will be different than for programmers who are just starting out and want an entry-level coding job after a coding bootcamp. …

Adventures in Freelancing

This company felt shady. I’ve got screenshots.

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Photo Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexels

I always thought getting offered to do a sponsored YouTube video for my channel meant I had “made it” on YouTube. Unfortunately, sponsored YouTube video offers can also be shady deals that you should avoid, as I learned.

From the very first moment I opened the email offering a sponsored YouTube video, I had doubts. Ultimately I ended up saying no. Now, I’m glad I listened to my gut. Here’s exactly why I rejected doing this sponsored YouTube video.

1. There was no information in the initial email

Look at that email below. I can only glean two facts from it: one, they want me to do a sponsored YouTube video, and two, they can offer me money. But nothing on the course itself, why they thought my audience was a good pick, what the benefits for me are, or even how they found me. …

Group zoom calls and Stardew Valley may have saved our long-distance marriage.

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My husband and I got married on January 14th, 2020. We didn’t see each other in person for nearly a year afterward. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Nearly a year later, I’ve learned countless hard lessons about myself, our relationship, and love that I wish I hadn’t needed to — but that have made me a better partner in our relationship, long-distance marriage or not.

I’m the kind of woman who thrives on constant reassurances of love and affection. I’ve had to become the kind of woman who can deal with a long-distance marriage because the alternative is unthinkable. …


Zulie Rane

MSc by Research. Psychology nerd. She/her. zuliewrites.com

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