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Zulie Rane

Welcome to Zulie Rane’s Medium page! Updated May 12th.

Image created by Jada Dreyfus

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Hello there! I’m Zulie Rane, freelance content creator, ghostwriter, YouTuber and cat mom. This bio is to give you a better sense of who I am and what I can do for you.

You can find more of my content on:

There’s a reason I don’t talk about these often.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

For every creator claiming fame and fortune in a blog post or video, there are ten huge advantages that helped them tremendously that they don't mention.

I’m guilty of this, and for good reason — most times, it’s simply not relevant to the story.

There is no point in writing about the benefits that are specific to me when my content is created to help you get your career up and running. Also, sometimes it looks like pointless bragging (see #5 on this upcoming list).

But I had an interesting experience recently writing about my immediate financial success as a…

Your audience doesn’t mind if you’re fake

Screenshot taken from @azusagakuyuki’s Twitter account

About a month ago a motorcycle-loving Japanese woman with 27,800 followers on Twitter revealed that he was actually a 50-year old Japanese man who had been using a photo app to make his face look like a young woman.

According to the BBC, the man (named Soya) did this because, “No one will read what a normal middle-aged man, taking care of his motorcycle and taking pictures outside, posts on his account.” By editing his pictures to look like a young, attractive woman, he was far more popular on Twitter. …

I call it the “knock-twice” method.

Photo by Sound On from Pexels

Here’s the elevator pitch of my article: I increased my email open rates from 30–35% to 50–55%, or an increase of 42.86%, with just one step. I didn’t spend any extra money, much time, or take any courses to learn how. It takes about two minutes to do this. Anyone can do it.

This short article is going to get into why it matters, how I did it, and what the ramifications are.

Why it matters to increase your email open rates

It’s not an exaggeration to say that as a content creator, your email list is your income. While a lot of my income comes from freelance writing…

If your cat routinely shows any of these behaviors, you’re in the clear!

Author’s own images of Cats Astrid and Chumbo

Do you ever wonder if your cat hates you? One moment they’re staring at you with kind eyes, the next they’re scratching your favorite piece of furniture.

As a cat mom, I know it’s normal to be in a constant state of confusion; I have no idea where Astrid and Chumbo’s hearts lie. Are they content with the toys they have? Do they enjoy the food I buy them? Do I give them enough attention?

Unlike dogs, cat body language and mannerisms are difficult to understand. …

These two coding languages duke it out — but who’s the winner?

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

In a world where the ability to write any code at all is a tremendous advantage, often the biggest problem coders face is knowing which language to start learning, rather than whether to learn one at all. There are different languages for just about every purpose you could think of. Of those popular coding languages, programmers often face an intense battle of Golang vs Python. (The official name is Go, but the website is, so programmers typically refer to it as either interchangeably.)

On the surface, the two are remarkably dissimilar: Python was created in 1991, an oldster in…

Your income shouldn’t depend only on platforms.

Hello there, my writing friend!

Real quick: want to travel with me?

I’m hosting my very first in-person writing workshop later this year, and I need your help! Take five minutes to fill out this form and let me know your feedback on where we should go, when we should go, and what you’re most excited to learn about.

Fill out the form! I’m excited to hear your thoughts.

Ok, onto the digital workshop: I’m going to teach you how to get your first freelance writing client without pitching. Exciting!

If you’re on this mailing list, you know I’m all…

It’s me, Zulie. Or is it?

Image is of Zulie Rane outside holding a drink. It repeats three times; the middle image has a question mark over her face.
Image is of Zulie Rane outside holding a drink. It repeats three times; the middle image has a question mark over her face.
Image created by author in Canva. Original image is of author, Zulie Rane

I’ve known I’d be Zulie Rane since I was about ten years old and decided I’d be a fiction writer. It’s not my real name, but one I came up with on the back of a napkin one afternoon. Back then, I liked Zulie because I thought it sounded jazzier than my real name. I never expected I’d become a full-time content creator. Today, I’m thrilled that I started writing and creating content under a pen name for two reasons.

First, writing under a pen name made sense when I started posting online— I wanted to tell real stories about…

You’re only 11 steps from happiness and financial freedom.

Image taken by author, featuring Zulie and Astrid.

I recently wrote an article about how I earn $8k per month in under 15h a week. It resonated with a lot of people, and I got a ton of questions about how I did it.

So many people think my journey is a freakish accident, that only luck and some kind of algorithmic deity allowed me to create this lifestyle. But it’s not true. Anyone can do what I’ve done — even you, reading this right now.

I’m a freelance content creator living my absolute dream. I work very little. I love my life. …

There are two main options to get a programming certificate online — online courses and universities.

cat looking at the camera. half of a computer screen is showing.
cat looking at the camera. half of a computer screen is showing.
Image via Pexels
Table of Contents
· Option 1. Get a programming certificate online from a university
· Option 2. Get a programming certificate from a course online
· You can get your programming certificate online from a university or an online course.

In the simplest possible terms, a programming certificate is something that lets you walk up to an employer and say, “Hello, yes, I know how to SQL. Here’s a piece of paper that proves it. You should hire me.”

When described that way, you can instantly see how getting a programming certificate compares with getting a…

Zulie Rane

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