Hey! My name is Zulie. Three years ago I started my writing business. Today, I reach millions of people with my articles, videos, and emails.

Here are my three core beliefs:

- The world would be a better place if everyone who wanted to write actually wrote.

- Writers should be able to make a living by writing about what they love.

- There is an unlimited audience for your writing, no matter what you write about. You just have to find it.

Almost everything I create is aligned to make those beliefs a reality. (Sometimes I write articles about traveling or my cats!)

Want to get involved? Here are a few resources to get started.

1. You can sign up to my mailing list to download your FREE five-day starter kit to start writing on Medium here. After that email course, you'll get weekly tips and resources about writing straight to your inbox.

2. You can check out my YouTube videos here. If you have any questions, just leave a comment - I answer all my comments, so I'll see yours!

3. You can check out my blog, where I post content about how to make a living by writing, sell merch, and offer consultations and edits.

I can't wait to see what you create!

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