All You Need to Know to Make Money With Your Hobby

Hobbies can pay the bills — this is how.

Zulie Rane
7 min readMay 30, 2019


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The dream of practically everyone I know is to quit their dull, unfulfilling nine-to-five, and chase their passion while being rewarded with money and fame along the way by loyal, rabid fans and followers, as well as finding joy and satisfaction from creation.

The journey from point A, where you start to think you’d like a creative way to make a bit of money, to point B, where you’re actually earning money by being creative, can seem like a very long and meandering route.

I think a big problem is that there’s often not a lot of transparency with people who have actually achieved it. You might not really see how other people do it, or you might not understand the steps they’ve taken. You might start, only to lose faith along the way when their path doesn’t work for you.

It can take days, months, or even years to make the journey but you know what? We all have to start somewhere, sometime. Here are the five easiest steps you can take to make your hobby something that can pay the bills.

1. Find your passion.

This one is, of course, the most important.

If you’re going to turn a hobby into a lucrative side gig, you absolutely must be passionate about it. You must enjoy it when everything’s going wrong, and you must be able to take rejection for it because I guarantee that will happen. Whether you want to become a YouTuber, an artist, an Instagram influencer, or a wood carver, what you’re doing must be worth more than money to you.

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At the start, you won’t be getting paid for it. You will be tired, and busy, and there will be other and easier things you’ll want to do instead.

There has to be a fire driving you in order to begin. No matter what your hobby is, you have to have something to say with it.

I used to believe that my passion was baking. I thought that it wouldn’t take much for a little baking side hustle to take off — I just needed my first big break. When that…



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