“Boosted” on Medium: What Does It Mean?

An interview with Medium’s VP of Content and Director of Product about what Boosted does and means.

Zulie Rane
21 min readMar 10


showing author smiling against a yellow background. She is pointing at the “Boost” circled and the “Boost” notification with an arrow pointed towards it.
Image created by Author, showing author pointing at the “Boost” circled and the “Boost” with an arrow pointed towards it.

Imagine you write a story that means everything to you.

Imagine you get a notification that Medium chose to boost it.

Imagine you watch it go viral, getting tens of thousands of views as people — the people who need to read it, the people who are craving your voice — get to see it on their dashboard.

Screenshot of author’s story stats. Show a graph of a story Boosted on Medium, with around 30k views total.

They click on it, they read it, they clap and they’re so excited that they had the chance to read it.

That’s the power of Medium’s Boost functionality.



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