Don’t Use ChatGPT to Write Articles. Use It For These Five Things Instead.

These have nothing to do with text generation, but I use them almost every day.

Zulie Rane


two women in pastel pink futuristic suits and big aviator style glasses sit in a futuristic hallway and look into the distance. I like this photo to illustrate alternative ways to use ChatGPT because it evokes futurism and also not writing.
@Zaphod74 on Midjourney. Prompt: Interstellar travel if it was invented in the 70s.

Anyone who’s tried “write an article about [topic]” as a prompt to ChatGPT will tell you the truth: ChatGPT can’t write well at all. That’s not a secret. If you doubt me, ask it or any AI writing tool, to write a blog post. It will crank out very bad content that no real human will like reading.

Yet I’m still a ChatGPT fan. It saves me a ton of time and makes my job as a busy content creator a little easier. Here are five surprising non-writing applications I love using ChatGPT for.

1. Title optimization.

Titles used to take me about an hour a week — email subject lines, article titles, and journalist pitch subject lines. Now they take me about five minutes.

I use ConvertKit as my email provider, which has a really neat A/B subject line tester. This helps me with my content strategy — I usually send my best ideas to you in email format first and use that to test out which title is best.

Then, about a week later, I publish that on my website and my article with the winning title.

screenshot of two subject line options in convertkit on the theme of “x ways to use ChatGPT that don’t have to do with writing”
ConvertKit’s A/B testing feature

Would it surprise you to learn that I used ChatGPT to come up with the second title option?

screenshot of chatGPT convo. I am asking it to give me title variations on “X non-Writing Things I’ve Used ChatGPT For”
ChatGPT’s ideas on titles

I am not a great title person — I always have to run them by my friends and family, so it is a relief to use ChatGPT for it instead. I may not love what it comes up with all the time, but at least those title variations give me a place to start.

2. Coding tables in Squarespace

I can’t even provide a time estimate for this because it wasn’t really possible for me pre-ChatGPT.

I love to put tables in my articles! This makes them more accessible for people who use screen readers. Plus…