Is Upwork Legit? The Thorough Answer for Freelancing Writers

Zulie Rane
10 min readApr 7
a white woman is sitting in a cubicle working at a computer. She has a dinosaur head, looks like a t-rex. She could be smiling or screaming. Who knows.
This is exactly how I felt while researching whether Upwork is legit or not. Notably, AI did an OK job with this lady’s fingers. She does seem to have two wrists and an unnecessary amount of cleavage, but never mind. Midjourney prompt: dino woman office computer smile — Upscaled by @mdelcastillo86 (fast)

Every freelance writer has watched the YouTube videos of people making six figures a year on Upwork and thought to themselves, “Huh. Is Upwork legit?”

Zulie Rane

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